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From an email from SFPD to a prospective applicant:

Subject: Re: CCW Permit Application?

SFPD does not issue CCW unless it's for a judge or government official who has a valid reason. currently, there is about 3 or 4 valid CCW issued by the Chief of Police of SF.

you can still try to apply for one by sending a letter to the Chief Of Police at the below address and outlining the reason you need a CCW.

Chief of Police
850 Bryant St. Rm 525
San Francisco, CA 94103

The statement from SFPD clearly violates both Salute v Pitchess and Guillory v Gates. This is a moot point until some brave soul comes forward with GC and applies. This is classic throughout the state. They have no fear because no one calls them on it. Would be nice if they would put that in a letter to an applicant. It appears that the citizens of San Francisco are very happy with their PD and its policies.

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