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"Let your gun be your companion on all your walks." -- Thomas Jefferson (More Quotes)

Although we try to keep this site up to date, counties do change, often with the election of different sheriffs. If you believe this map to be out of date, please let us know. Actually, I haven't time to recolor this map, I'll just make comments below as I receive them.


From information we have received recently (October, 2007) Nevada County is issuing to people of good character with Good Cause. The person we heard about had no "pull" with the Sheriff.

(2010) Sacramento and Stanislaus counties have become more willing this year to accept applications from "ordinary" people with "ordinary" Good Causes.


Santa Barbara County is reported to have tightened up its issue, and is failing to renew many outstanding permits as they expire.

Orange County has reelected Sandra Hutchens, which means that CCW's will remain much more difficult to get (or renew) here than when Sheriff Carona was in office.

Legal Disclaimer: Although several well qualified attorneys work closely with Team Billy Jack, TBJ is not a team of lawyers. Nothing on this web site should be taken as evidence that we have any idea what we are talking about or what we or you should be doing. Listen to us at your own risk. We strongly advise that all persons handling firearms should receive appropriate training.
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