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Going through the SDCSO CCW license application process.

The following is taken from the official San Diego Sheriff's website.

San Diego County Sheriff CCW update

Applications must be submitted to Sheriff’s License Division in person. Please call Sheriff’s License Division at 858-974-2020 to schedule an appointment for your initial interview. The first part of your interview will determine your need and the required documentation. Appointments may be set between the hours of 9:00 a.m. to 4:00, Monday through Friday. You will need to allow an hour for the interview. You will be given additional information and instructions to bring with you for your second interview. 

The Department of Justice and San Diego County Sheriff’s Department are both involved in the processing of this application and each agency requires certain fees. Fees will be collected at the end of your second interview.

The current fee schedule is as follows:

Initial Application Fees

Cash or check made payable to San Diego Sheriff’s Department for $44.00 plus a money order made payable to DOJ as shown below: 

                        Standard (Two-year) license              100.00             money order

                        Judicial (Three-year) license              122.00             money order

                        Reserve Peace Officer (Four-year)   144.00             money order

 Renewal Fees

 A single payment in the form of cash or check made payable to San Diego Sheriff’s Department shall be submitted for renewal of a CCW permit as shown below:

                       Standard (Two-year) license              67.00

Judicial (Three-year) license              89.00

Reserve Peace Officer (Four-year)   111.00

 Fees are subject to change as allowed by law. They are processing fees and as such are not refundable regardless of the decision made on the application.




 All new applicants must demonstrate they are residents of San Diego County, have good cause and good moral character, pursuant to PC 12050. For purposes of this application, applicants must submit proof of residency in the form of two current, unpaid utility bills that list their name, service address and mailing address (or other similar type proof). Three character reference letters are required to assist in substantiating good moral character. These letters must be written by local residents and contain a local address and phone number. Letters will not be accepted from any relatives. The writer must also acknowledge he or she understands the letter is for an application for a concealed weapons permit.

 Good cause is an individual issue; however, if applying for business purposes, proof that you are in actual and legitimate business will be required as well as having to demonstrate that good cause for carrying a firearm exist. The same applies for those wanting to apply strictly for personal protection; the required documentation will be discussed at the time of the initial first interview. Valid California identification is also required.

 Law Enforcement/Criminal Justice employees are exempt from certain requirements. Please call for information on this.

 Other verifications will be requested on an individual basis. Residence verifications, proof of good cause and proof of training class are required with subsequent (renewal) applications.

 If there are other questions not already addressed, please call Sheriff’s License Division.


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