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Yolo County

Note: Team Billy Jack comments in red.

  • All applicants must meet the requirements for a weapons permit before a permit will be issued. Prior to receiving the application, the applicant must have completed an 8-hour course from community college or the Yolo Sportsmen’s Safety Course.  The applicant must live in Yolo County at least one year. (This residency requirement could probably be successfully challenged in court.) After the applicant has completed the required course, he or she may pick up an application in person at the front counter of the Yolo County Sheriff’s Administration Building.
  • Weapons permits are available at the Yolo County Sheriff’s Administration Building, located at 2500 East Gibson Road, Woodland, Ca, on Thursdays by appointment only.
  • When the application is completed and returned to the front counter, the Detective Sergeant will process the application.  A background check will be performed and an interview appointment will be set up.  At that time the applicant will be fingerprinted via Livescan, and the initial permit fee will be due. Once a response has been received from the Department of Justice, a Records Clerk will telephone you with a time to issue your permits.   
  • Initial fees for a weapons permit are $216.00, payable by cash or check.
    A renewal of your permit must be made every two (2) years. Renewal fees for an already existing permit are $90.00, payable by cash or check.  Contact the main office at (530) 668-5280 for additional information and a permit application.
  • If you want to voluntarily register your firearm, this can be done at any law enforcement agency.


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