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States Honoring CA CCWs
CCW Article
Sacramento County

Shasta County

Stanislaus County

Yuba County

Yolo County

San Benito County

Lake County Denial

Counties Map

Mendocino County

Placer County

AG Opinion


Guns & Violence

PC 12050

PC 12031

CBS v. Block

Salute v. Pitchess

Guillory v. Gates


California Rifle and Pistol Association

National Rifle Association

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"Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote!" -- Benjamin Franklin (More Quotes)

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Lists, with links, of all known law enforcement agencies in California,
including colleges, district attorneys and other agencies.
Please contact us if you know of any others we should include. Recently we have filed a new lawsuit (McCloud v. Santa Maria Police Department, et al). See legal page for more details.

States Honoring the CA CCW
This page tells you the states in which you can carry a concealed weapon with (or without) a California CCW. It is YOUR responsibilty to ensure that this information is accurate and timely before you rely on it.

The CCW System, and CCW Applications
This (lengthy) article, written by TBJ members and serialized in CRPA's monthly newsletter, describes how the CCW system operates in California. It will answer a lot of new applicant questions, such as "Who do I apply to?" and "What sort of Good Cause do I need?"

Recommended reading for all candidates before going much further.

Sacramento County
Official Information regarding Sacramento County.

Shasta County
Information regarding Shasta County.

Stanislaus County
Information regarding Stanislaus County.

Yuba County
Information regarding Yuba County.

Yolo County
Information regarding Yolo County.

San Benito County
Official information from the San Benito County website.

Lake County Denial
Letter to the Editor of a Lake County newspaper, describing illegal discrimination in the denial of a CCW.

Counties Map
A map showing the counties in California, color-coded to indicate likely issue status.
Kindly provided by Gary Slider of

Mendocino County
Official information from the Mendocino County website.

Placer County
Official information from the Placer County website.

The (1977) Attorney General's Opinion on Good Causes
In 1977, the then California Attorney General made an "Opinion" to define what does, and does not, constitute "Good Cause." This definition, reasonable at the time but somewhat dated today, is still the litmus test used by many sheriffs/chiefs in deciding questions of eligibility.

You are taking the first steps towards legally obtaining a License To Carry Concealed Pistol, Revolver, or Other Firearm Within the State of California. To be perfectly clear, a CCW permit is a huge personal commitment in more ways than one . . .

Guns & Violence: A Summary of the Field (by Gary Kleck)
"This paper of a summary of my book, Point Blank: Guns and Violence in America, which in turn summarizes the literature on guns, violence and gun control, as well as reporting new research."

California Penal Code Section 12050.
The legal basis for CCW issue.

California Penal Code Section 12031
"A person is guilty of carrying a loaded firearm when he or she carries a loaded firearm . . . "

CBS v. Block, 1986
A California Supreme Court Decision that permits the public to view all CCW files, current, denied and expired during business hours and to purchase copies for a small charge. Viewing them is free.

Salute v. Pitchess, 1976
A California Appellate Court decision that requires all Police and Sheriff’s departments to have a written CCW Policy, provide it to anyone upon request and to evaluate each application in the same manner.

Guillory v. County of Orange, aka Guillory v. Gates, 1984
This is a key Federal, 9th Circuit Court case that establishes many procedural precedents
for the issuance of Concealed Carry Weapon (CCW) permits

Communicating with Law Enforcement
Applicants! You may think you are communicating with the Chief or Sheriff. Wrong! You are talking past them . . . . . . .

Legal Disclaimer: Although several well qualified attorneys work closely with Team Billy Jack, TBJ is not a team of lawyers. Nothing on this web site should be taken as evidence that we have any idea what we are talking about or what we or you should be doing. Listen to us at your own risk. We strongly advise that all persons handling firearms should receive appropriate training.
No animals were harmed in the production of this website.

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